Parking - everything you need to know

There are about 2,500 parking spaces in and close to the centre of Haderslev, all of them free of charge. Many car parks are disc zones. Buy a parking disc from Davidsen, Bygnaf 8, 6100 Haderslev within their hours of opening. If you set the parking disc correctly, you can often park for several hours. Check the signs – they will tell you what to do.

Unless otherwise stipulated, you must set the parking disc to the end of the quarter-hour in which you parked your car. Place a loose parking disc where it can be clearly seen from the outside of the vehicle, i.e. through the windscreen or front side-window.


This is a zone sign. It applies to an entire area, in which you may park if you follow the regulations on the sign. The sign tells you for how long you may park in the zone (in this case, 1 hour). Times written in black or white (here 09-18) apply on weekdays (Monday to Friday). Times written in black or white and in brackets (here 09-12) apply on Saturdays. Times written in red apply on Sundays and public holidays.

This is a no parking sign. You may wait for up to three minutes.

This sign indicates that you may neither stop nor park here.

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